japan torture | dans le Secret des Glaces | Deep Blue Sea 2 Deep Blue Sea 2 (2018) Science Fiction, Horror, ActionJahre nachdem für das Aquatica-Projekt genetisch veränderte Haie genutzt wurden, um eine Heilung für Alzheimer zu entwickeln, sollen die Forschungen wieder aufgenommen werden. Ungeachtet der Tragödie, die damals zum Abbruch führte... Der Pharma-Milliardär Carl Monroe (Michael Beach) treibt die Experimente in einem Unterwasserlabor voran und hat mit Ex-Navy-SEAL Trent Slater (Rob Mayes) und den Wissenschaftlern Daniel (Jeremy Boado) und Leslie Kim (Kim Syster) bereits ein Team um sich versammelt. Zudem hätte er die Haischützerin Misty Calhoun (Danielle Savre) auch gerne in seinem Team. Als diese jedoch herausfindet, dass Monroe aggressive Bullenhaie als Testobjekte benutzt ist sie jedoch entsetzt und hat eine schlimme Vorahnung. Das Experiment etwickelt sich gefährlich - die Haie werden schlauer, schneller und viel, viel tödlicher…
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About Quilly

Marvin Aquil Jones, better known by his stage name Quilly (formerly Quilly Millz) was born May 10, 1987 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is Muslim.

Quilly grew up on Haines Street in Germantown. He dropped out of School in the 9th grade, in which felt he was already self educated. He’s a heavy book reader. Although resulting to illegal activities, he was doing construction work. In 2014, he took business classes on the Temple campus.

Quilly started to rap during his middle school years. After his first song on the radio, that’s when he started to take his music career serious. He began his career as a battle rapper. He was rapping on DVD’s such as Headshots, We Run The Streets, Silverback Season, Streets Is Watching, and many more. He’s best known for his “Haines Street Hustler” mixtape series and “New Wave” mixtape series. He released his first mixtape, “Get It How You Live: The Haines Street Hustler in 2008. Quilly has opened up for several big names. He has collaborated with Ar-Ab, Dark Lo, PNB Rock, Neef Buck, Young Chris, Oschino, Chinko Da Great, Ape Gang, Spade-O, Troy Ave, Chic Raw, Kur and many more. He has been pictured with Dave East, French Montana, Zack (Coke Boys), Lil Durk, Meek Mill, Wale, and 50 Cent. Jeezy is his favorite rapper.

In 2013, following his release of “HSH V”, Quilly signed an independent deal with On Dek Entertainment along with Spade-O & City Rominiecki. Despite being on house arrest in 2014, Quilly remained active by releasing several freestyles and working on his studio project, “Quilly” which became the start of a new series. “Quilly” was released On July 29, 2014. On December 31, 2014, he released his 2nd installment “Quilly 2”. His single “Real One”, is his biggest single to date, and was played heavy In Philly, Boston, Virginia and New York. On March 9, 2016, Quilly released his 3rd installment, “Quilly 3”.

On April 17, 2016, Quilly was among three men in the line of fire when a gunman discharged a hail of bullets on the corner of 9th and Ontario in North Philly. His most recent mixtape , Q-Pac was released on iTunes February 21, 2017. It was named after Tupac Shakur. June 20, 2017, Quilly stopped by Funk Flex on Hot 97, and broke a record, rapping for 12 minutes straight. Quilly is no longer signed with On Dek Entertainment. He’s currently incarcerated.