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Quadeca 365


About Quadeca

Ben, also known as Quadeca/Quadecax8, was born on October 2, 2000 and is a rapper/YouTuber. His YouTube channel “Quadeca”
(But was formerly known as “Quadecax8) has racked up over 500,000 subscribers from making popular content about soccer, music, and reactions. His channel was first launched in 2012, where he became known for making FIFA videos while also incorporating rap.

He released his debut album “Nostalgia for the Now” in May 2016, including his 5th most popular single “You can’t rap.” He also has many other popular singles such as “Who Would’ve Thought,” “Wii Music Fire,” and “Wonderful.”

Upon reaching 200,000 subscribers, Quadeca and fellow YouTuber JMX created a diss track on JMX’s ex-girlfriend which skyrocketed in views, leading to a receiving a massive boost in subscribers on Ben’s end. Aside from this, Quadeca has collaborated with other artists including K.A.A.N, Moxas, and many others, which has overall expanded his musical portfolio drastically.