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About Oddisee

Oddisee (born Amir Mohamed el Khalifa) is a Sudanese-American producer/MC from Washington D.C. He was raised in Silver Spring, Montgomery Co, Maryland and relocated to Prince George’s County. He moved to Washington, DC after high school.

His first unofficial mixtape was Instrumental Mixtape Volume One (2005) and since then he has released numerous mixtape and album projects. His latest is The Iceberg, released on February 24, 2017.

He is one third of Diamond District and also part of Low Budget Crew.

Oddisee was originally influenced by his parents' heritages, combined with a hip-hop influence from his older cousins. In an interview with NPR, he explained why he was influenced by early East Coast emcees such as Eric B. & Rakim, De La Soul, and A Tribe Called Quest. He stated that these rappers don’t talk about drugs or murder, and he could relate more to their lyrics.